Helping Hands Unlimited
General Fund
Helping Hands Unlimited
PO Box 111
Albany, IN  47320
Phone:  765-573-3618

Helping Hands Unlimited's General Fund covers many important things to keep the organization operating.  Some of those things are salaries, medical insurance, office expenses, program operating expenses, postage, phone and internet services.  It also is used to meet requests for special needs on the field.  Ten percent of specified or restricted giving goes to the General Fund to cover administrative expenses.  Three dollars every month of a Student Sponsorship goes to the General Fund to meet the program expenses (such as labor, postage, software, etc.)  Income from specified giving does not come close to meeting the operational expenses.  That is why our General Fund is so important.

As always, our pledge is to make sure that designated funds are used for their designated purpose. We also pledge to keep our administrative costs as low as we can.  Please let us know if you have any questions about our General Fund.   

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