Support for the Beltre Family
Helping Hands Unlimited
PO Box 111
Many of you already know Amaury, Mayrobi and Zoe Beltre.  They have been our "right hand" people in the Dominican Republic.  Amaury has now finished his education and he is ready to become more involved with Helping Hands Unlimited. We are pleased to announce that Amaury has accepted our offer to become our Field Director in the Dominican Republic. HHU has been able to provide them with insurance and housing but they need raise support to take care of other needs.  

You can support them by sending a check to the address below.  Please make sure you write "Beltre Support" as your preferred donation on the memo line. You can also give online with either a credit card or an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account.  (We prefer EFT's). 

We hope you will consider supporting them.  We hope you will pray for them, too. 

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