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Note to Missionary:

We are the Daniel Family, serving in Brazil since 2008. After completing language school in downtown São Paulo, we stayed there working alongside another mission family in an area called Cidade Tiradentes - home to Latin America's largest government housing projects. After a couple of trips to Northeastern Brazil we moved to the city of Barreiras, in the state of Bahia, in August 2011, where we still are today. Barreiras is the largest and fastest-growing city in the western part of Bahia. It's an agricultural region that boasts of exporting its cotton, coffee, watermelons, cocoa, corn and soy beans. Literally it's a farmer's jackpot! There are quite a few foreigners in the area - all farmers. So, we're often asked if we are involved in farming. I like to say, "Yes! We're here to sow the seed of the Gospel!" 

After a man from the church in São Paulo began the ministry here in Barreiras, we came to carry on the work and help it grow from it's infant stages. We praise the Lord that the past several years have seen growth numerically and spiritually. The Igreja Batista Caminho do Rei (King's Way Baptist Church) is located in the city's most populated neighborhood and we have literally grown out of our current rental facility. 

We are raising money to build permanent church facilities on property we've been able to purchase by God's grace and thanks to our generous donors. Donations can be made through the mission agency to the "Barreiras Project" fund.  

We would like to thank you for your prayers and support. Please know that they make a difference in the eternal souls of men in Northeastern Brazil. 


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