Food Assistance 
for Yinet

Yinet is a very special student. She is the oldest student in our program.  She studies hard, and she works hard at home to take care of her siblings. Recently we discovered there are days that Yinet has no food to eat.  The lack of nutrition has created problems for her concentration.

We want to take care of this need so she can concentrate on getting good grades. Helping Hands Unlimited already helps with her education expenses, including her parent's fees.  Her father left the family when she was young.  Her mother does not live at home, but she does occasionally give the family some money to occasionally purchase food.  But many times there is no food. Many children in the DR face the same issue.  This is one instance where we can help. Unfortunately, the school she attends does not have a school lunch program.  Their students bring leftovers from home.  The problem is in Yinet's house there are no leftovers. 

We have calculated the need of about $100.00 each month to address her food needs.  We are looking for some people to pledge $25.00 per month to provide food for Yinet through her graduation in June 2017. You can also give a one-time gift if you wish.  Please help us help Yinet. 

Helping Hands Unlimited
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