Needs seem to be constantly changing and our priority list of needs seems to change more.  When a need is filled, it is removed from the list.  This list can include special needs, current projects or programs, special one-time programs.....the list goes on.  There are times some of the funds are used to help with our construction projects. Once in awhile our General Fund needs some help.  The Use Where Needed Fund helps us to complete projects and programs that are short of their goal. There are times when one of the ministries we work with have an emergency needs.  We always try to help our partners with those needs.

Where have we used these funds in the past?  Food funds for the Girl's Orphanage, repair equipment at the girl's home, provide special help for the ministries we work with, purchase medicines for clinics and medical teams, provide food for people in bateys, help finish construction projects (churches and schools), assisting a clean water plant, helping with special school needs, sponsor some students special to us, etc.  Many times we try to use our General Fund to meet these needs.  When the funds are not there, we use the Use Where Most Needed funds, to help meet these needs.  And of course, there are times where cash flow to our General Fund is slow and this fund helps make up the difference. 

When you give to this fund, we can guarantee it will be used for the highest priority needs we have at the moment.  Many of those are listed in our  latest electronic newsletter. 

There are several giving options.  You can mail a check to Helping Hands Unlimited with the Use Where Most Needed Fund on the memo line.  Please mail your gift to: PO Box 111, Albany, IN 47320. 

Use Where Most Needed Fund
Helping Hands Unlimited
PO Box 111
Albany, IN  47320
Email: rod@helpinghandsunlimited.org
Phone:  765-573-3618

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