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To make a challenge gift, use the form below, or contact Zach Krajacic to discuss giving options at 1-877-711-8500.  Thank you for your generosity!

Challenge gifts ($660 or more) are applied toward our appeal when the combined donations of other listeners meet a specified goal within a designated time period during the on-air portion of the appeal. This incentivizes listeners to donate because their donation is increased (usually doubled) through the challenge gift. While challenge gifts can be made during the on-air appeal, it is especially helpful to have as many challenge gifts as possible before the start of the on-air appeal to maximize donations through out the entire week.

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Challenge gifts between $720 and $1499 will receive a Madonna and Child Holy Water Font with Holy Water from Fatima. (Gifts pictured on right.)

Challenge gifts of $1500 and up will receive the Madonna and Child Holy Water Font and Holy Water from Fatima, and they will also be entered in a drawing for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to the Holy Land with experienced and knowledgeable tour guides, Steve and Janet Ray.
(Gifts pictured on left.)
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All challenge gift donors will receive our special 20th Anniversary Rosary, the God's Plan for Love CD by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, and the St. Paul VI prayer card.

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