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Thank you for partnering with the Shackelford family and their global ministry. We think you will really like our new set-up for donations. You will be able to log-in anytime to see what you have given and even create a report. Just enter the support amount, how often and what day of the month you want your support to go through. Fill out your credit card or bank draft information. When you enter your personal information, it will create an account for you (be sure to enter a password). Once you are finished, you will get an immediate confirmation and I will also be sending you one by e-mail. If you are transferring from All Nations, you can go online ( and cancel your donations there OR you can do nothing. Ken will be notified of what you have set-up with Lumenations and will make sure your donations are cancelled with All Nations. Any questions?  Call Ken - 816.332.5696 or e-mail him: - Thanks!!
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